Case Studies are not White Papers!

What is a case study? 

Case studies are a form of problem-based learning.  A typical business case study is a detailed account of what happened in a particular company or a project over a set period of time.  The learner is given details about the situation, often in a historical context.  The company and key stakeholders are introduced and objectives and challenges are outlined.  This is then followed by specific examples and data, which the learner then uses to analyze the situation, determine what happened and make recommendations. 


The depth of a case study depends on the lesson being taught.  A business case study can be two to four pages.  A good case study makes the reader think critically about the information presented and then develop a thorough assessment of the situation, leading to a well thought out solution or recommendation. 

Why use a case study?  

Case studies are a great way to improve a learning experience.  It can be very useful for potential buyers whether they are at “problem awareness”, “education” or “validation” stages of the buying cycle.  A case study when well-developed provides the learner the opportunity to understand similar problems faced by other organizations, how these problems affect a business strategically, financially or operationally; it helps the learner to understand the consequences for not addressing the challenges.  This establishes the “why” they should be tackling their own challenge. 

As the learner becomes aware of the problem and the importance for fixing it, a good case study can also help buyers at “education” stage to understand the “How” and outcomes for applying the featured solution.  It should also give learners practical understanding of the key ingredients required to solve the problem.  A good case study goes further to articulate clearly on the outcomes and return on investment (ROI) for applying the solution.  This is particular useful for buyers at “validation” stage of the buying cycle as the case study in this context acts as the perfect customer testimonial. 

Developing a winning case study 

The Growth Engine has proven experience and takes a methodical approach to develop compelling case studies that generate buyer interests.  We have a track record of turning around a case study within 2 weeks cost effectively.  Contact TGE for a complimentary consultancy meeting to find out how we can assist you to develop your case studies today.  


Download Case Study Examples

IHG Procurement Case Study HOT
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IHG Case Study on B2b Procurement created for client.

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