Program Execution

Execution is critical to success.  Many businesses are comfortable with planning but lack the success ingredients to put the planning into action efficiently and effectively. Execution represents a disciplined process that enables a business to bring a plan live.  Without a careful, planned approach to execution, growth goals can not be attained. The Growth Engine has proven experience and methodology when it comes to program execution.  

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Content Marketing

Content marketing aims to attract and retain customers by consistently creating relevant and valuable content to change buyer behaviors. Effective content marketing programs are designed to communicate with buyers without selling.  By delivering valuable content you are making your buyers more intelligent whilst establishing yourself as thought leader and subject matter expert. 

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By far telemarketing is one of the most effective lead generation programs for B2B businesses.  Any digital marketing techniques should aim to bring prospects offline and try to establish human interaction as efficiently as possible.  

Telemarketing offers the human interaction immediately and is more effective in building relationship than any digital marketing approach. From contact recovery, need qualification, appointment setting to information gathering, The Growth Engine team can help you generate qualified leads for your business cost effectively.  

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Event Marketing

Event Marketing ranges from tradeshow, product seminar, lunch and learn, round table to executive meetings. When executed well event is ranked among the most effective marketing channel to generate leads and revenue.  They can be hosted by your business, with complementary partners or by a third party

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is considered as the most effective digital channel for B2B businesses.  It has the ability to reach very targeted audiences to establish thought leadership, to build customer relationship as well as to increase brand awareness.  When deploying social media marketing programs, it is critical to focus on your buyers interest as often many companies use social media purely to promote themselves and the result is often

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Digital Marketing

Simply put, digital marketing refers to different promotional techniques to reach buyers via digital technologies. It includes a raft of internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM).  DMP (Digital Marketing Program) developed by The Growth Engine aims to engage buyers and allow them to interact with your brand through servicing and delivery of digital media. We achieve this by partnering with world

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Channel Marketing

Channel or route to market is all about getting your products / services / solutions out to your buyers in the most efficient way.  Depending on your business it could provide significant cost advantage to engage channel partners (or resellers).  It is however your responsibility as the vendor to optimise your channel partners' effectiveness.  Channel Marketing Program involves marketing methods to generate buyer demand for your resellers and motivation to focus your resellers' salesforce on your

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Incentive Programs

Sale people are motivated by money. Period. However designing an effective incentive program is a real work of art. Too hard to achieve, too easy to achieve, too complicated, not communicated well enough are often the key reasons to set your program up for failure. 

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