SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  It is the the process of driving more visitors to a web page via results from popular search engine providers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Search Engine Optimization is generally free and organic as opposed to "Paid Search Ads".  All major search engines have primary search results where web pages and other content such as video are shown and ranked based on

relevance to the users.


If you are new to Search Engine Optimization check out Googles Starter Guider to Search Engine Optimization and also Moz’s “Beginner’s Guide To SEO" Bottom line with SEO is that if people cannot find you quickly and easily then you are going to be missing opportunities.


The Top Five SEO Mistakes According To Google’s Matt Cutts  Matt said these are not the most devastating mistakes, but rather, the most common mistakes.

(1) Not having a website or having a website that is not crawlable is the biggest mistake he sees.

(2) Not including the right words on the page. The example Matt gave is: don’t just write, “Mt. Everest Height” but write, “How high is Mt. Everest?” because that is how people search.

(3) Don’t think about link building, think about compelling content and marketing.

(4) Don’t forget to think about the title and description of your most important pages.

(5) Not using webmaster resources and learning about how Google works and what SEO is about.

You can also check the video with Matt here 


It's interesting to note that most of the issues companies face with SEO are relativly simple mistakes.  Like anything, good SEO is a process with an order of operations. Once the order is entrneched it s relatively straightforawrd to

 manage or spot mistakes 

The Growth Engine and our partners work hard to assist clients navigating what can sometimes be a mindfield on a rapidly changing landscape.  

1.  Make sure that the content is desireable and users will want to share it.

2.  Build usabilty and high quality design into your site.

3.  Ensure Spiders can Parse all content and avoid duplication.

4.  Make it easy to reach deep pages in as few clicks as possible.

5.  Use Keywords that will generate traffic.


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