Sales Execution and Support

Sales and Marketing are well-established corporate functions. Sales Execution is the process of consistently winning paying customers. Sales support is the commitment to creating conversation opportunities between sales and potential buyers..

To achieve desired results consistently, it is critical that Sales and Marketing activities are synergized. We at The Growth Engine are involved at every step of execution to not only ensure the effectiveness of implementation, but provide analysis and recommendations that maximize opportunities or make necessary improvements along the way. We know for a fact that a great plan is nothing without effective execution. At The Growth Engine, we make sure that all the pieces come together, and make it happen.

Our tried and tested approach is easy to adopt. Summarized in a nutshell below, this system has been implemented by various companies across different industries and has led to growth and success.

The Team at The Growth Engine has proven ability to close complex sales on  behalf of it's clients and the resources to support those sales. 



The Growth Engine - Sales Execution Process


Formalize Activate Execute
Message Deliver Think
Value Articulate Build
Differentiation Articulate Repeat
  Embed Follow Up


Formalizing the sales process may seem an obvious step, yet we at The Growth Engine see so many operations suffering from a “disconnect” between what selling organization think should happen in the sales process versus what actually happens. This not only results in huge amounts of lost opportunities, it can also negatively impact the operations team and ultimately,

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Sales Execution is what moves the dial. All the enablement in the world will not be effective without proper, disciplined execution. There are some points to remember if you want to be effective.

• Conversation trumps collateral
• Expertise is better than product knowledge
• Proof will always pay

It is easy to enable Sales teams to the point of burden. The collateral itself is stored in many places and takes hours upon hours to administer. Collateral can be disconnected and it can be extremely difficult to know if the sales team uses the collateral or if it is even effective. While systems can be established to address collateral accessibility

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Activation is critical to the success of any sales process. This is the area in sales where organizations must ensure readiness to work towards an objective or project.

In order to execute effective sales strategy and achieve desired outcome, it's paramount that all resources are where they are supposed to be, when they need to be there. Is everyone involved well informed and prepared? Are they properly equipped? Are all needed materials ready? Do we have sufficient quantities of it?

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  • I had the good fortune of working with Eve on several occasions during my tenure as Solutions Manager for Lexmark.

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