The best way to articulate a message is to practice, and have regular peer review. The worst way to articulate a message is to use jargon, acronyms and disengaging from the audience.

How many people are out there right now trying to present with bullet points? Testimony from several CEOs is in 100% agreement that bullet point presentations are a waste of time and, worse – it’s a test of patience for the audience! Never send in a project team to pitch a presentation using bullet points.

To truly articulate a message well, you must first grab the audience, then pull them into the journey that is your message. At The Growth Engine, we encourage communication and particularly face to face presentations that ensure that the presenter and audience are always engaged. We have seen the best of the best presentations and also the worst of the worst. The ability to articulate a message clearly also depends on customer and audience research, and a clear understanding of desired outcomes.

The best use of The Growth Engine resources is to assist a selling organization is to help us evaluate specific projects either through presentation input, coaching and / or research.

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  • Tony's drive for results is only overshadowed by Tony’s astute business accruement and by his ability to align his results with the client’s expectations.

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    Todd Heatly Category & Supplier Relationship Manager (Marketing & Corporate Services) at Qantas
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