Delivery is the surgical-precision job of selling and providing exactly what has been negotiated. Lack of delivery in any part of the Delivery process will have long term effects on the sales cycle and can instantly devalue a selling organization’s standing to the buyer organization.

To deliver is not just about the follow up of the client services or support teams, it also includes the attitude towards cold calling, lead generation, demand generation, presentations and all formal communication. Effective delivery is the responsibility of all team members.
Referring back to the formalization the sales process, it’s vital when it comes to Delivery in Sales Execution that we do not oversell products or services, either against the customer’s budget or by offering adhoc solutions that have no specification that we may not be able to actually deliver. Both are easy to do and should be avoided at all costs.

The Growth Engine can help with all attributes of Delivery and we pay particular attention to setting appropriate client expectations.


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  • Tony's drive for results is only overshadowed by Tony’s astute business accruement and by his ability to align his results with the client’s expectations.

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    Todd Heatly Category & Supplier Relationship Manager (Marketing & Corporate Services) at Qantas
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