Embedding the formalized sales process in all stages of your sales cycle is vital to ensuring consistent results.
To embed any process takes time and investment, but the pain of this discipline will mean your team brings 100% of its efforts to the field time and again in a repeatable performance.

Over the last few years, many teams have re-evaluated the way sales processes and supporting methodologies are embedded. With the availability of so many systems and applications, most companies have tried to embed the process in these solutions. Unfortunately, what we at The Growth Engine see time and time again is that that for the sake of flexibility and or having the next flashy system, the most important and valuable part of embedding of the process, discipline is eroded away or compromised.

Wholesale change may have significant benefits on one hand but on the other hand it can be counterproductive. The most damaging in our experience is when systems or processes are introduced that interrupt the successful components which teams rely on like consistent messages direction and offerings and negatively affect the discipline of the people on the ground.

Change is certain to happen, but like anything, change itself needs to be managed to ensure a successful outcome. The prior investment both financial and political in embedding sales management and discipline cannot be underestimated when considering how your Sales organization is viewed both internally and also externally by your client’s prospects and competition. 

At The Growth Engine we work with sales organizations large and small and help focus on the "Cornerstone" aspects of the sales process.  We assist with defining the key areas and embedding these in any process affected by sales. We also look through the various systems in use for points that affect these agreed cornerstones.   By focusing on the embedded parts of the process it becomes easier to find out what system or process is counterproductive to our overriding objective of successful sales.

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    Doug Hudgeon Chief Executive Officer, Marketboomer Pty Ltd
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