Sales Execution is what moves the dial. All the enablement in the world will not be effective without proper, disciplined execution. There are some points to remember if you want to be effective.

• Conversation trumps collateral
• Expertise is better than product knowledge
• Proof will always pay

It is easy to enable Sales teams to the point of burden. The collateral itself is stored in many places and takes hours upon hours to administer. Collateral can be disconnected and it can be extremely difficult to know if the sales team uses the collateral or if it is even effective. While systems can be established to address collateral accessibility

and measure its effectivity, what should always be our priority is the purpose these collaterals serve – drive better conversations. The sales people who deliver results are those who understand the buyers well, are constantly aligned with the buyer’s issues and focused on helping them solve those problems with their products and services.


Buyers indeed buy from the vendor that best understands their business and the challenges they face; and delivers a clear vision of how to solve them. That given, expertise about a customer and the industry they operate in will always outweigh product knowledge. No matter how much time marketers and product managers spend with salespeople and customers, they just don’t see enough of what happens at the moments of truth. In a constantly changing buying environment, it’s critical that your sales and marketing teams collaborate so much so that marketing is able to provide the fundamental and foundational knowledge while sales are able to effectively apply and tailor fit these information to suit the customer’s varying needs. Every customer interaction is unique, and only when your salespeople are able to offer a personalized service specific to the customer’s unique demand can they win them.

One thing that sets top salespeople apart from the rest of the pack is that they will never “guess or wing it.” Performing Salespeople do the same sets of things that have helped them win similar deals in the past. You may say these top performers have a set of tried and tested playbooks through years of experience in front of customers. As they learn new things every day, they also constantly develop and enhance their “game plans”.

In the same manner, you should leverage on your “success stories”. Proof will always pay therefore it is critical that you are able to effectively articulate and demonstrate results. Facts can’t speak for themselves if your customers are unable to relate to it. The trick is aligning your sales process so your sales team is effectively able to apply these facts to clearly demonstrate and prove how your products can enable your customers to meet their business objective. Do not oversell, it’s not sustainable. Focus your efforts on what you can deliver, not what you can’t.

The Growth Engine can provide support to your organization to ensure alignment of your sales and support team through establishment of a formalized process ensuring they are effectively enabled to successfully execute and positively impact your bottom line.


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