Good follow up is paramount, and if used effectively, should increase close ratio and keep existing customers coming back for more.
Follow up falls into two categories: that which is done before the close, and that which occurs post sales. To be effective it’s vital to keep very detailed notes on client communication. It's ineffective and insane to do this anywhere accept in a centralized database. Staying in touch and at the forefront of a contact’s mind requires persistence but should not be irritating or confused with annoying a client or prospect.

The key to getting results from follow up is to always agree on next steps with the contact. Also ensure that enough information is prepared for the follow up but not too much. It's a good idea to keep information in reserve for future discussions and also not to overwhelm and therefore become annoying by dumping everything you have all at once.

Another very good idea but not always a necessity is to have the salesperson who started the customer relationship doing the follow up personally. It should be obvious that it is in their interest to do so but it also allows them to stay across the "Willingness to buy" or “Repeat Business” and ability to resume discussions from where they left off. The notes on the progress of the customer opportunity again require accurate and up to date notation. Emphasis should be made on the customer’s attitude towards the deal or services received and any potential red flags which may have been raised since the previous discussions.

The Growth Engine will often assist teams with the best possible solutions for keeping track of the follow up process including measuring follow up ratio and performance as well as solutions to make recording and reporting of information from follow ups more streamlined and collaborative across your organization.


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