Do you want consistent results among your team? If so then the answer is to create a repeatable process.
With regards to sales execution you can have a performing team with competitive advantage in place, but if you want to increase market share; then the most obvious solution for most companies would be to increase the number of sales people. This however does not guarantee the desired result and can prove exceptionally problematic.

From our experience at The Growth Engine, if you do not have a standardized and repeatable sales process in place, you will be almost guaranteed to not have the desired positive outcome from increasing the size of your sales team. Each team member may have their own approach and methodology when addressing sales opportunities. This will make it difficult for management to access current pipeline and funnel, make forecasts, and generally run the business. Estimations and predication of future revenues will generally be inaccurate, and surprises - both good and bad - will occur frequently.

The Growth Engine can help your organization for the repeatable components and ensure that the sales team follows the same tried and tested playbook on the critical elements of the sales process. The very valuable character or style of the sales people doesn’t need to be and shouldn’t be affected, particularly with regard to client relationships or account management, but the sales message and the process followed should be absolutely the same across all sales people, to ensure consistent sales results. When growing your sales team, this will also ensure the induction of new sales people is far more efficient and productive and that they become effective sooner rather than later.


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