Differentiation of your product or service is key to illustrating unique value and results to your potential customers. Differentiation makes real impact in customers’ decision making process at all levels and helps them decide which organization to partner with.

There are many sales strategies, tactics and

techniques for creating value for customers, but what is often neglected is the legwork required to effectively implement any of these. As professionals, we need to get inside the head of the customer and develop a good understanding of what they value.


Because it should go without saying that different customers value different things; there's no cookie cutter model of what customers value and how to create it for them. This even goes for people within the same organization – what a purchasing manager values in your proposition can differ greatly from what a business owner, finance director or C-level executive values. In your contact with all of the people that make up the customer buying team, you need to ensure your sales communication is appropriate and differentiated for each of them.

Differentiation also helps to avoid the age old trap of trying to compete on functionality or on a technical aspect alone. So what does differentiation mean? It means to distinguish one’s products or services from the crowd. However simply being different is not valuable. The key product or service differentiation must add unique value in order to be desirable to the customer.

Effective sales organizations should be able to frame the products and services in such a way that will illuminate the differences, and how those differences translate to improved results. At The Growth Engine we help you do this through researching the competition, customer needs and your unique offering.
Beyond the product the services, the human element is important in differentiating your organization from the competition. The sales people / team is critical, and what makes the great sales people great is the ability to demonstrate the value that they will personally deliver the customer. They use their subject expertise to differentiate themselves even among other sales people.
At the Growth Engine, we are usually brought in to help refresh concepts and get some out of the box thinking in action about a company’s product or service and ensure that points on differentiation are clarified for everyone.

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