Illustrating a message clearly and concisely can be an art form. Like any valuable discipline, practice makes perfect. 

With reference to Formalization; first decide what the

standards are for your message, and make sure it’s easily repeatable in your people and collateral. Rules to live by when creating a successful message is: keep it simple, keep it short, and never use jargon or acronyms. In developing your key messaging I encourage you to invest in trialing, coaching and third party input.


For Example, as a salesman delivering a presentation, it’s important to bear in mind the dynamics in the room. It's possible that there is a very large gap in the roles of the people attending, from a Department Leader up to CEO through to 3rd party consultants. If the messaging is solid you can talk through any internal politics and appeal to each level and position. Simple ways to do this are to keep the message clear no matter how technical the solution might be. Keep the supporting arguments of the message as concise as possible. Never ever use jargon or acronyms in your message. The reason why successful messages are successful is that they leave no room for interpretation or guess work. The reason successful sales people are successful is they do not use ad hoc messages.

Messages should also be tested at set intervals to ensure they remain up to date and in line with what your organization is delivering.

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Clear and valuable messages to your customers in line with your services and products can depend heavily on how that message is delivered. For example: if you are delivering a presentation in person my advice is to never use bullet points. If you are sending a follow-up up email to a sponsor or champion in a sales organization who is walking into a meeting the CEO, bullet points can be very useful.

I believe that once agree within your organization what your key message is, then the delivery should be practiced by all teams across the sales cycle as much as possible and at every opportunity until it is embedded in every sales communication. There are some pitfalls that you can test your messages for that I have seen in numerous presentations.
Make sure your presentation engages your audience emotionally.

  • Don’t do too much with presentation slide.
  • Make sure your visuals and graphics are engaging.
  • Do not use jargon.
  • Never ever go over your allotted time.

By working closely with your Marketing Sales and Operations teams, The Growth Engine we can help you develop, test and effectively deliver your key message that is adopted throughout the sales process. Check out Articulate and Embed for more on what to do with messages. 


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