Everyone accepts that creating value in the sales process is paramount. But the real question is not just how to do this, but why it needs doing.

Sales people have a tendency to present like a brochure, talking about facts and figures, which is not what customers buy, it is the same as going to a presentation and reading the bullet points to the customer (which we at The Growth Engine believe should actually be illegal!).

Sales teams, big and small, also spend allot of time beating their chests and talking about the great features and components about their product, yet fail to position their product in a way that answers the customers’ business pain, needs or opportunities.

The underlying goal of every sales process must be to create value for customers by understanding the problems (or challenges or opportunities) that are confronting them. Customer 'problems' manifest themselves in many different ways.
Our view at The Growth Engine is that in essence a customer problem is simply the difference between what a customer is experiencing or achieving now, and what they need or want to be experiencing (what they would like to achieve). The gap between the two is the problem, and becomes our opportunity to create value; the scale and nature of the gap will usually determine how much urgency the customer feels to act on it. Our sales challenge and what we do at The Growth Engine is to understand that gap, and develop solutions through our products and services that help the customer solve the problem and satisfy their needs. This is how we create value.

When salespeople create value with their proposition in the eyes of the customer, the customer gains the opportunity to see the product as unique in the market – almost as if you've created a new market segment over which you have a monopoly. This also has the effect of repositioning your competition, so that price becomes a less dominant factor in the purchasing decision. Sure, price will always be an issue, but if the customer perceives unique value, price will never be the decider.

Creating unique value not only transforms sales effectiveness, it also provides insulation from price pressure!

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