TGE mandate for software development and integration services is old school.  

  • Agile approach; Don't overbuild anything and don't do it twice.
  • Keep It Simple; Focus solution design on the actual problem that needs to be solved.
  • Our solutions work for the customer not the other way around or our job is not done. 

My team has 50 years Software development Project management Installation and training under our belt.  We have worked in twenty two countries with the biggest and the smallest companies out there.  Sticking to the points outlined above guaranteed our success every single time.  

There are a range of systems out there hat are used by our customers and these day it seems that the focus is on the ability to to integrate these systems and transform data into workable information.  We do not focus on buzz words Acronyms or jargon.  We simply find the way to achieve our clients objectives and then render the information in the most efficient way.  The main thing in the specification process is that we clearly understand and define what the project is trying to achieve and then the solution will present itself. 

Some of the most common management systems we work with are Salesforce, Hubspot, Eloqua, 

Dynamics, Joomla, Wordpress, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, and SAP.

We have created solutions using almost every conceivable coding and scripting language out there. In fact I am horrified by the pile of "must have languages" and "next best things" that are piled up in the trash can no longer even worry of mentioning out loud.  We have a strong track record in delivering web based solutions and this tends to be where we focus mostly.  We have also integrated with the all of the leading social media platforms.  

With Regards to Business Intelligence we have supported standalone and integrated solutions with GoodData, Hyperion, FRX, Cognos.  We are well versed in delivering solutions that fit the need.  Rendering information can be as simple or as complex as need be to solve that problem and we can generate reports dash boards that empower you to make critical business decisions. The solutions can be provided in simple reports all the way through to bespoke mobile apps depending n requirements ad budget.. 


"It's easy to see our our biased and favorite applications to work with, they are the ones that solve our customers needs.  Int the tool box we've got allot of hammers but only apply the right size hammer for the job."

Tony Pizzamiglio Operations Manager



What has proved true over the last twenty years in Software development is that there are no silver bullets and nothing lasts forever.  A great development team is constantly evolving to offer the best fitting solution with the available technology for the customer.  For More information on current our past projects see our Portfolio.

Contact us here to get in touch and for more information on how we may be able to assist you with your operations or projects.

We are offering a complimentary consultation workshop for limited time only for qualifying business.

  • Tony is great. Fantastic guy to have on the team as he is very strong technically, excellent with clients and very handy in the sales

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    Erik Munoz Chief Marketing Officer at PriceMatch
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