Proven methodology to help you enhance critical success factors to optimize your ability to GENERATE REVENUE.

The Revenue Generation Engine™ is a strategic framework developed by The Growth Engine and it is used as a powerful diagnostic tool to assist companies to examine their deficiency within the business to achieve optimal revenue results.  It comprises 10 critical elements within an organization that impact its ability to improve revenue performance. These elements are like cogs in a well-oiled machine—free of the rust of backward thinking and other impediments that hinder action, each component seamlessly rotates and sets the entire system in motion.

The Revenue Generation Engine™ elements include:

  • Strategic Orientation
  • Customer Profile & Segmentation 
  • People & Skills 
  • Job Design 
  • Budgeting 
  • Culture 
  • Process 
  • Technology 
  • Communication 
  • Reporting 

In the 2015 Revenue Generation Maturity Benchmark Study, conducted by The Growth Engine in partnership with BMA (Business Marketing Association), it is found that these ten elements are critical in affecting an organization's ability to generate revenue.

The TGE Revenue Generation Maturity Framework™ aims to help organizations understand their current revenue performance standing and act as a roadmap for them to improve their maturity which leads to increased revenue results as the ultimate goal.

TGE provides tailored strategies and actionable roadmap for business leaders who are committed to developing a revenue generation focus in their organization. The Growth Engine helps companies create a winning foundation addressing their strategy, resources, systems, processes & structure that affect their ability to generate revenue. The outcome is the creation of a robust Revenue Generation Engine™ that is capable to deliver desired revenue outcome. We then take it further and assist companies to tailor design a revenue generation plan and work hand in hand as part of our client’s revenue generation engine to execute that plan. We achieve this by performing a Revenue Generation Maturity Audit as the first step. TGE then provides you with a roadmap with the objective to take your organization to the next revenue generation maturity level, step by step.

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