All of the SERVICES provided by The Growth Engine are RESULTS ORIENTED

Sales &  Marketing Automation (SMA), and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies are enablement tools providing organizations with insights about their customers and prospects. These technologies serve to deliver business intelligence more efficiently to both front- and back-end staff, allowing them to serve customers/prospects’ needs better.

TGE system integration service is highly practical and agile. We don't overbuild anything and we don't do it twice. Keep it simple and focus solution design on the actual problems that need to be solved.

Our solutions work for the customer not the other way around or our job is not done.

With over 50 years of experience in software development, project management, installation, and training, TGE software team members have worked in twenty two countries with the biggest and the smallest companies out there. 

Sticking to the points outlined above guaranteed our success every single time.

There are a range of systems out there that are used by our customers and these days it seems that the focus is on the ability to integrate these systems and transform data into actionable intelligence. We do not focus on buzz words, Acronyms, or jargon. We simply find the way to achieve our clients' objectives and then render the information in the most efficient way.

Some of the most common management systems we work with are Salesforce, Hubspot, Eloqua, Mautic, Dynamics, Joomla, Wordpress, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, and SAP.

We have created solutions using almost every conceivable coding and scripting language out there. TGE software team has a strong track record in delivering web based solutions and we have also integrated with all of the leading social media platforms.

With regards to Business Intelligence we have supported standalone and integrated solutions with GoodData, Tableau, Hyperion, FRX, and Cognos. We are well versed in delivering solutions that fit the need and budget. Rendering information can be as simple or as complex as they need be to solve that problems and we can generate reports and dash boards that empower you to make critical business decisions. The solutions can be provided in simple reports all the way through to bespoke mobile apps depending on requirements and budget.

Check out a success story on how TGE deployed a Business Intelligence and Lead Management system for a Inc 500 company.