Whether you need technical expertise, data analytics, campaign management, or full service marketing, TGE MaaS have you covered.

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Digital transformation—driven by social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies—has impacted all levels of organizations, especially the marketing function. On the one hand, these forces bring about unique customer demands and manifold challenges for businesses; on the other hand, they present a great opportunity for organizations to realize their key objectives. Today, digital pacesetters are leveraging digital technologies to design new business models and create new revenue opportunities. However, in the past three years, most businesses have made very limited progress in implementing marketing strategy components to this end.

Outperforming businesses are making the move towards designing and scaling a method of engagement that is responsive to highly volatile market demands. They are also on the lookout for intuitive marketing models that efficiently handle the complexity of multi-level customer interactions without being dependent on IT for technical expertise or requiring too much capital expenditure.

Consequently, companies are seeking Solutions-as-a-Service options that align with their goals and larger business strategies. These are flexible, scalable, and adaptable solutions that address the challenges of revolutionizing customer experience, marketing automation, and revenue processes, while maximizing the benefits of the cloud and eliminating the need for setting up full infrastructure in-house.

At TGE, we have developed a unique approach to the Marketing function that integrate the most suitable technologies with revenue generation programs tailored to your business, and offer you managed marketing services as an end-to-end and modular solution. TGE Managed Marketing Services combines with your in-house resources to enable and deliver comprehensive SMEs (small to medium enterprises) marketing management capabilities to your organization. You can choose to engage TGE for managing the entire marketing process or for select modules.

TGE Managed Marketing Services offers personalized marketing capabilities that offer flexibility around scope, integration, skills, terms, and pricing to accelerate time-to-value, deliver game-changing results, and accelerate organizations along their journey to marketing transformation—all without having to deal with multiple marketing entities.

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